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Rainbow's End is owned by our good friends of many years, Bill and Cindy Stahl. They loved our CSY when we cruised together. During an SSCA meeting at Bahia Mar, in Fort Lauderdale, I overhead a conversation about a CSY 44 Walk-thru for sale. I inquired and let Bill and Cindy know. The rest is history. 

Bill and Cindy have been living aboard for a few years now, alternating their time between the Bahamas, primarily Georgetown, and the East Coast of the US.

Since Daisy and I were both born in Cuba, we long for the opportunity to cruise those waters again with Bill and Cindy.

I visited with them during our 1999 Christmas vacation. I took the opportunity while I was on board Rainbow's End to take numerous pictures of their latest projects, including their repowering of a Westerbeke V-drive engine with a Yanmar straight drive engine.

Bill and Cindy are very special people. I hope many of you get a chance to meet them.

Below are some of the pictures we took. The ones relating to his Yanmar repowering and his autopilot hydraulic arm installation are shown in the projects section of this CSY web. I have not taken the time to add captions at this time, due to lack of....time! I did not want to procrastinate getting these pics posted since I know there are several people awaiting them. Taking pictures with a digital camera is much simpler and totally inexpensive. Every cruiser should consider investing in one, if one has a computer with reasonable storage on board. You will not regret it and you will save a lot of money and preserve your treasured pictures.   If there are any questions, you can let me know or contact Bill and Cindy directly at rainbowsend@pocketmail.com. They should be in the Bahamas by now, but said they would be able to receive email through their incredibly simple and cheap acoustic coupler gismo. I have a picture of it below.


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