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Posting from Dave and Stacy McCampbell on their project upgrades for their CSY 44 WT Soggy Paws:

This is the long promised Soggy Paws posting for your web site. There’s just not enough time for this when

we’re cruising and overhauling at the same time. But we need to get it in now because cyber cafes will be

scarce as we head into the western Caribbean, and this would never fly on our Ham/HF email. You should know

that yours is the class of the websites I’ve seen, not that I’ve seen a lot of them. All pics are taken

with our new digital camera, and I’ve included a short description with each. Hope some of the project items

are useful to you and others. We’ll send along more project ideas if you want as time permits. If you or

others have any questions or comments please respond to our new email address Thanks

in advance for whatever you have room to post on Soggy Paws.

                     Dave and Stacy


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SPptsideview - Soggy Paws moored to a buoy in the divers’ paradise, Bonaire 26 Oct 2000. Aluminum goal

post arch with wind generator, solar panels and davits showing aft. Also visible are several of the

extensive rig, deck and canvas upgrades.

SPreararch - View from aft showing arrangement of swim platform and Monitor wind-vane in stowed position.

Platform is approximately 12” above static waterline.

SPptsidearch - Port side aft view showing arch, davits, Monitor wind-vane and swim platform. Solar

panels were recently changed to be adjustable and add approximately 25 percent more amp hours per day.

10.5’ RIB dinghy is pushed out gently while being raised and rests above the wind-vane at stern rail

level when fully stowed. Vane can be used when dinghy is stowed on forward deck for long passages. CPT

autopilot is used for all shorter hops when dinghy is stowed in davits. Windbugger is mounted on port arch

pole, radar will be mounted on the starboard pole with the second VHF and TV antennas.

SPstsidearch- Starboard side aft view showing same equipment as port. Spare anchors are mounted on stern

rail awaiting our final decision on what to carry. We carry two outboards, 15 and 5 HP mounted on the stern


SPwindvane - Transom overhead view showing Monitor wind-vane, swim platform and small folding boarding

ladder to starboard. Platform decking is approximately 55”X20” of 1/4” white Starboard over

sealed 3/4” plywood. The decking is in two pieces easily stowed below by removing 4 bolts in less than 5

minutes. Whenever it is rough enough to stow the dinghy on the forward deck we remove the platform

decking. The decking lays on a permanently mounted 1-1/2” bent and welded aluminum pipe structure that

can be used to board in an emergency. Also shown is the permanently mounted shower hose and the Honey

Teak LP painted toe rails.

SPanchorlocker - Forward rode locker showing the new athwartships divider for chain stowage aft and

line/chain stowage forward. This was a Tom Service idea slightly modified for our purposes. The new

glassed in 3/4” plywood divider is 14” forward of the aft locker bulkhead and the top edge is 13” below the

overhead. Also shown is the new 1/2” aft half bulkhead which holds the chain off the locker door as

it piles up. At the top of the locker can be seen the aft end of the curved aluminum chain pipe used to

direct the fall of the chain 6” aft of the windlass hawsehole. A new line/chain hawsehole was cut just

forward of the Lofrans Tigress windlass base. We carry 210’ of 3/8 SL chain in the aft bin and 200’ of

3/4” 3 strand line with 45’ of 3/8” SL chain in the forward bin with add on line rodes in other lockers.

The windlass solenoids and remote up/down hand control are mounted high up on the port side aft bulkhead with

 the remote coming out the forward hatch for use on the fore deck. Mounted outside on the stem 9” above the

 waterline and stoutly backed inside is a new 1/2” Winchard high strength bow eye used as a no chafe snubber

 attachment point.

SPmicrowave - The microwave shelf mount under the companionway ladder is made from welded 3/16” painted

aluminum plate bent into a general U shape. The plate width is the same as the microwave depth and it is

strongly fastened into the forward engine room bulkhead and the teak trim under the companionway

sill. The microwave is attached to the shelf so it won’t fall out on a heel. Sounding the fuel tank is a

bit more of a challenge but doable with the microwave above.

SPwasher - This new clothes washing machine is mounted in the aft end of the V berth. The fiberglass V berth

insert is long gone. The top of the controls is just flush with the bunk deck so a strip of 1/2” plywood

over it will provide protection from sleepers in the berth. It is 120-240 volt electric, weighs about 20

pounds and is only available outside the US. It washes and spins an 8 pound load for 10 gallons of

water and 8 ah of 12 volt current (measured using the inverter/Link 2000). It is all plastic except the two

motors and cost only $175 US. Stacy couldn’t be more pleased with it as otherwise laundry service is a real

pain and costly while cruising outside the US. Also shown is a two scuba tank rack (we carry 4 more and a

compressor in the shower, now dive/sail locker). The cabinet doors port and starboard replace the four

drawers to open up much wasted storage space outboard.

SPsalonbookrack- This view of the forward main cabin bulkhead shows the new book, TV, chart and

electronics/computer storage. The TV shelf has a swivel mount and is secure in any seas. The higher

part of the two part box on top of the athwartships settee holds several hundred folded charts upright.

The lower section is a large secure place to stow the computer and other related electronic equipment. The

all important fishing rods and speargun are mounted across the overhead.

SPgalleysink - The galley sink counter has recently been covered with a one piece Wilsonart acrylic

countertop. The SS sink is set between the 1/2” thick acrylic and plywood underneath. This eliminates water

rot problems and allows use of a folding dish drainer without a bulky pan underneath. We use a relatively

shallow large sink with a soon to be installed macerator drain, a high single lever fawcett and

filtered fresh water and saltwater spigots on foot pumps. The two head sink counters and the other

galley counter were also done in acrylic.

SPaftberthmadeup/day - These two photos show the modification made to the aft double berth to allow

sleeping fore and aft or athwartships. The oak ledger strips are mounted on the top drawers port and

starboard and on the face of the forward bunk bulkhead such that a piece of 3/4” plywood cut to fit can be

laid loose on top. A new cushion is then laid on top of the plywood. Sleeping fore and aft is much more

comfortable and convenient; it also affords a huge sleeping area (over 80”) wide at the shoulders and

hips. When not in use the new cushion stows on the original bunk and the plywood upright behind the aft

cabin door secured with bungie cord or on the bunk. Our aft bunk cushions are 5” latex foam that is very

comfortable but expensive.