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We needed to replace our twin stainless steel deep sink with a more shallow one. Our boat's waterline has been rising steadily as we pile more equipment.

This shallower sink keeps the salt water drain from coming up to the sink itself, a welcomed improvement by Daisy.

Below is a picture of our new sink along with two cutting boards that fit exactly on top of each sink when more counter space is needed.

                     NewGalleySink1web.jpg (12837 bytes)   GalleySinkCovers1web.jpg (14251 bytes)   GalleySinkCovers2web.jpg (15564 bytes)

When we have our dinghy on the davits, the stern boarding ladder cannot be used. We installed a stainless steel folding ladder on the starboard side to board from another boat or from the water.

                                 Ladder-Stbd-Down-Web.jpg (17156 bytes)  Ladder-Stbd-Up-web.jpg (17395 bytes)

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