Toyota Dolphin Adventures

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We have owned our Toyota Dolphin 22' gasoline RV for four years, since 2004. We added 20,000 miles to its odometer, which was not much, considering how much more traveling we could have done.

However, this little Toy surpassed all our expectations in terms of its versatility and usefullness. So much did it satisfy our needs, that we decided to spend a much larger sum and get a slighter larger and more modern version of the same thing. Only after the assurance that this kind of vehicle has great usefulness and value for us, did we venture to shell out some real money to buy our 2007 Winnebago 23J from a private party in Zephyrhills, just north of Tampa.

These web pages document the some, not all, of the highpoints of ownership of our Toy.

I hope you get a sense of why we liked it so much.

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