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We refer to our newly-purchased Winnebago View 23J as our Toyota Dolphin "on steroids".

It costs us almost 10 times as much as our Toyota Dolphin so you have to believe that it is far superior in almost every way.

Our Toyota Dolphin was a good way to try out RV'ing without a large financial commitment. Owning it for 4 years proved to us the value of this kind of vehicle to our lifestyle. So, we have moved ahead and are not looking back.

We now need to find a good home for our Toy, and focus on adding a few features to our new one to get it just right for our needs. Someone out there will want to get their feet wet in RVing without investing an arm and a leg to do it. This is the right RV to do that with.

We will provide a comparison between the two RV's, when time permits. For now, it is evident, even from the pictures, that the upgrade is in a different category. With its Mercedes diesel engine, and its slide-out, it provides a dramatically better experience.

Below are some pictures we took of our Toyota RV, and a very similar, 2008 brand-new Winnebago View RV, side by side to show the contrast. The 2008 View, on the latest Dodge Sprinter chassis is about a foot longer, 24', than our 2007 which is 23' long.  Even though we purchased from a private party, the pictures were taken at Harberson's RV in Holiday, FL, just north of Tampa. We took the vehicle to a Winnebago dealer to perform a pre-purchase inspection, the equivalent of the customary Winnebago Dealer PDI, Pre-Delivery Inspection, when they deliver new RV rigs. Expensive, yes, but well-worth it. We also took the vehicle to the largest Dodge Sprinter Freightliner Chassis truck dealer in Tampa for an equivalent inspection of the engine and drive train. As we suspected, the RV passed all test with flying colors, with very minor items of note, which were quickly resolved.


Home Winnebago View Adventures Toyota Dolphin Adventures RV Upgrade