Position Reports

We added this capability so that our family and friends who want to follow our progress when we are offshore can do so. We use a ham single side-band radio system which allows us to report our position frequently, daily, or more often, if required, along with weather conditions and a short comment.

Using the process described below, you not only can get our Latitude and Longitude position, but you can also see a map showing our position, in various geographic scales, courtesy of the great team of amateur radio operators who maintain the winlink.org web site, and the Winlink 2000 service.

Here's what you need to do:

Step 1) Go to the home page of the winlink.org web site: www.winlink.org

Step 2) Click on the POSITION REPORTER  option

Step 3) Type in N4CYE, our ham call sign.....

Step 4) View our position in maps of increasing detail, as you page down. You will be able to read our short comments, as well as know how recently our last position report was given, via ham radio communications. When we are not on the boat, the position report expires in a few days and will not work. However, everytime we connect with our winlink email service on the boat, we update our position, so that it is current, when we are onboard SIESTA.

Interesting note: our first attempt at reporting our position via Winlink was way off base. We mistakenly entered an East longitude instead of a West longitude. This resulted in the Winlink position report and  map showing our position somewhere in inland China! We will be more careful in future position reports!

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