Cruising Links

There are a lot of people that have cruised all over the world on their sailboats.

Below are links to some of their web sites. It is by reading this kind of information that we get even more excited about our upcoming adventure. Click on any one of them, and explore the adventures of other sailing families.

Since we left San Francisco, we have met quite a number of cruising couples, single-handers, or families, with web sites. A few of them are listed here, and more will be added.  "Tackless II", a CSY 44 walk-thru with Captains Gwen Hamlin and Don Wilson: Make sure you check out their log, which details their travels through South and Central America. Some of their log includes the route that we plan to take on our return to Florida. We finally met with Tackless II, one of SIESTA's sisterships, at the Las Hadas resort in Manzanillo, Mexico, in the Spring of 2002. You can see pictures of the two boats in our Mexico, Part II portion of our log. 

Below are the web sites of other boats we have cruised with in Mexico:

Here are some additional cruiser website LINKS you might enjoy looking at: