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 We feel like we havJPMarillBrigittapic.jpg (318409 bytes)e met Jean-Pierre and Brigitta Marill, since we first exchanged emails several years ago, on account of our web site.

Since then, we have corresponded regularly, and have had a couple of "near misses" where we have been close to meeting in person, but not quite. They visited our place in Marathon while we were in California, and more recently they visited Los Angeles while we were sailing offshore in Southern California. Next time we will make it happen!

Below is a piece of work done by Jean-Pierre on the origins of the Marill name. He is the sole author and takes full responsibility for its content. Here it goes...


If you need to get in touch with Jean-Pierre to provide him additional information and/or comments, his email address is:  jean-pierre.marill(at sign)

Direct any comments or questions to us by emailing us at: siesta2000(at sign)

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