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In this section of our web site, we include pictures of our Marill and Piņero families, as well as the work of our French relative Jean-Pierre Marill on the origins of the Marill name.

Also here, we also include pictures of our daughter Ana's recent wedding in St. John, USVI. See navigation buttons above.


Above, our daughter Ani and our son Ed Jr. are enjoying the catamaran ride hosted by the Sages at Ani's St. John's wedding.

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Jean-Pierre and Brigitta Marill just returned from a trip to Cuba, and they had the opportunity to visit our family there.

Below are two pictures taken at their meeting in Havana:



      Above, from left to right: Concha, my sister-in-law, Jean-Pierre, and my brother Emilio




       Above, from left to right: Enrique, my brother Emilio, Jean-Pierre, and Emilito. 


After Father's Day of 2001, when we last got together in the SF Bay Area, we had not had an immediate family reunion until the 4th of July of 2002. Ed Jr. and Becky flew into Miami and visited us in the Florida Keys, during the 4th of July holidays. We had flow to the Keys from the Sea of Cortez, in Pacific Mexico, where we were cruising on our sailboat. We had a great time!


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