Summer '05

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Below are the Boy Scout crews aboard "SIESTA" during the summer of '05:

(You can click on a picture to make it much larger. You can also download the enlarged picture)


       Nebraska-Group-1-Summer-05.jpg (68442 bytes)   

                          Nebraska                                             Padre Island, TX

                   Chicago-Burbs,-IL,-June-22-.jpg (98226 bytes)

                        St. Louis, MO                                              Chicago, IL

           Maryland,-June-30-Summer-05.jpg (71749 bytes)           Frederick-VA-July-16-Summer.jpg (73803 bytes)

                    DC suburbs, MA                                             Frederick, VA

                 Ohio-July-24-Summer-05.jpg (84825 bytes)                   Dallas-TX-Aug-1-Summer-05.jpg (57722 bytes)

                          Ohio                                                       Dallas, TX

                  Franklin,-VA-Summer-05.jpg (82351 bytes)              Manassas,-VA-CocoPlum1web.jpg (93011 bytes)

                      Franklin, VA                                             Manassas, VA

                                       W-Mass-KW1web.jpg (94427 bytes)

                                                           Western MA


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