Miami, 12/99
Home Up


During the 1999 Holidays, a few of us from the Class of '61 were able to get together in Miami on 12/23/99, thanks to the welcomed hospitality of Uva de Aragón. We met at Uva's house for a very pleasant evening full of memories of years gone by, exchanging stories of our very separate lives since those days. 

Remember to click on each small picture, if you want to see a larger version.

Below are pics of our most recent mini-reunion of the class of '61, in Miami:

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Por petición popular, I am adding the following caption for the above picture. From left to right (using maiden names), Uva de Aragón, Mariita García-Kholy, Olga Cano, Fernando Capablanca, Coky Mallet and Edgardo Marill.


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