Edgardo J. Marill - Professional Career Summary


Summary of Technical Experience:  Excellent track record in conceiving and producing high-technology-based products in the fields of multimedia, engineering/scientific, education, and enhanced personal communications devices and services; good understanding of emerging technologies and their cost/value tradeoffs, leverage of open industry standards; broad-base view of the technical drivers in the information industry.

Summary of Management Experience: Proven executive management experience over 25 years. Managed groups as large as 500 plus people, with geographically-dispersed, mixed-culture organizations in fast-growing business environment; achieving higher productivity and improved employee morale in difficult situations. Very strong team-building skills through excellent communications, mentoring and motivation of good people. Achieved a track record of proven results in satisfying customer needs and delivering quality products on time.

Quantum Corporation (1995 to 2001): 

Joined Quantum Corporation, a manufacturer of disk drives for personal computers,  in December of 1994. Daisy and I made the decision to relocate to the Bay Area after Maynard Webb, great friend and co-worker at IBM, asked me to join him to assist him in running Information Systems for Quantum. Soon after that, unfortunately, he left Quantum and I remained as Acting Vice-President of Information Systems, a post I held for over a year. Maynard has since gone on to bigger and better things, and is now, as of February, 2005, Chief Operating Officer (number 2 guy) at Ebay.

I subsequently became a key member of the IT team at Quantum, reporting to the Vice President of Information Systems. I was named Director of World-Wide Business Management. Responsibilities included negotiation of all high-value service contracts with communications and IT service suppliers. I continued in this post as Director of WW Business Management until Quantum's major line of business was acquired by Maxtor Corporation, a competitor, in 2001. Maxtor outsourced all of its IT services. At this time I formally retired.  Daisy and I "made a sharp left turn" after going under the Golden Gate Bridge in October 2001, and headed for home in the Florida Keys. We arrived at our current location in June of 2003. (for the story of our trip, go to www.marill.com/siesta)


IBM Corporation (1970 to 1994):

Market Development, Intelligent Communications Services Project Senior consulting role, defining the business opportunity in enhanced communications services, targeted initially at the business professional.  Scope of effort includes selecting beach-head target markets, refining the feature/function mix, defining pricing, terms & conditions, and customer support requirements.

1988 to 1992 - Product Manager of Multimedia Systems: Managed the development team for the first totally integrated CD-ROM based multimedia system, in conjunction with a corporate thrust to lead the multimedia PC market. 

1985 to 1988 - Various Systems and Operations Management Assignments:

Systems Manager for IBM Office Systems: Implemented workstation products in support of the IBM Corporate Office strategy. Directed large hw/sw product management teams across two major sites, Boca Raton and Austin, totaling over 300 people. Significant challenges were the differences in culture of the two sites, and the lack of a cohesive overall product direction that would bring the PC Office team together. Moving the successful but old-technology IBM DisplayWrite word processor to the new, all-points-addressable technology was a major source of frustration during this time. IBM top management did not see the importance of this major shift and I did not get the required support to drive the transition. For my drive to transition to a new word-processing base, I was taken out of the IBM Office management chain by then Division President William H. Lowe. The originally very successful DisplayWrite family of software products continued its quick march towards eventual doom, becoming just a footnote in today's exciting world of word processing.

Manager of Information Svstems (CIO in today's terms) for IBM's Entry Systems Division ($3Billion+ revenue in 1986): Was put in place to manage the consolidation of information systems dispersed across the country as well as two development labs, with an initial combined staff of over 325 people.  One center was mainframe-oriented, and supported the traditional manufacturing and development functions on the site: Also supported VM/Profs Email support, telephone-related services, and high-compute engineering design applications.  The much younger and inexperienced IBM PC business had its own Information Systems center, with geographically distributed System 38's, used primarily for order entry and distribution. Integrating the two cultures and achieving significant reductions in cost and personnel were key objectives here.

1982 to 1985 - Project Manager for the IBM PC Engineering-Scientific Series:

1980 to 1982 - IBM PC "Founding Member":

-   Was named manager of product plans for the IBM PC. Exerted major influence in key project decisions (open architecture, industry standards, and the importance of detailed technical documentation.  Personally spearheaded the early evangelic team that energized the then-emerging ISV's for virtually all software, and much add-on hardware.

-    Major responsibilities included defining the framework of business relationships for the acquisition and publishing of  vendor software by IBM. 

-    "Discovered" the work of Dr. John Henry Martin and convinced IBM's Don Estridge (IBM's original top PC executive) to develop a marketing relationship with Dr. Martin to offer the "Writing to Read" program.  This program received national acclaim, and became been the cornerstone of IBM's K-12 education market strategy for many years, a major coup against the entrenched Apple presence there.

1970 to 1979 - Various IBM Assignments in Programming, Planning, and first-line IBM Management.  These assignments related to System/7, Series/1, System/3 Model 6 and System/23 DataMaster computing systems, the entry level computers in IBM at that time.


RCA Computer Systems Division (1966 to 1970)  Worked as a Systems Programmer/Analyst in compiler development for RCA's flagship computer product line, and developed information systems applications in support of a major manufacturing plant.


Bachelor of Science Degree in Physics from Juniata College, Huntingdon, PA, 1964,

Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from the University of Florida, 1965,

Master of Science in Systems Engineering from the University of Florida, 1966

Master of Business Administration from Florida Atlantic University, 1974

IBM's President's Class at Harvard University's Business School, (3 weeks), 1984

Graduated from Huntingdon High School, in Huntingdon, PA, in 1961

Attended Ruston Academy (K thru 11th grade) until 1960 in Havana, Cuba



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